It seems that between the challenges at the office, managing the chaos at home and dealing with the care that our extended family may need, we are all exhausted!

Are you interested in capturing your family history, values and wisdom for future generations, especially for your children? Begin now.


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Mary G. Anderson, Founder
Organizational Consultant| Coach
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Experience the contentment that can only be achieved through
PLANNING YOUR LIFE. Let me show you how.

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Mary G. Anderson, Founder
Organizational Consultant| Coach
Legacy Plan Consulting

“Mary is a very skilled consultant and leader. She has coached me through finishing graduate school, creating my business plan and successful launching a fine art career. She is a human google with a wealth of management and life experience. I trust her to support my career and encourage my self development.”

--Kelley R., fine artist/photographer, Santa Cruz, CA


I am Mary G. Anderson and I’m here to provide a variety of services to support ‘the sandwich generation’ as they manage their busy lives, care for their children and elders while striving to leave behind a foundation and legacy of fond memories, traditions, and beliefs. We have estate planning solutions, legacy creation systems and many proven techniques to simplify your life, get organized and begin to live from a plan instead of ‘planning to live’ one day!

Pro-Bono Presentations are available for large or small non-profit groups, in person or via teleconference
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